Friday, December 24, 2010

Facinating Links Recomended by Your's Truly

Three cheers for collectivism and individuality! Here is an interesting article suggesting that there is group intelligence based on the unique contributions of group participants.  

Group IQ - The Boston Globe

Glenn Greenwald does a partial sum-up of what we have learned from Wikileaks this year.

Michael Moore and Wikileaks revelations on the health care industry and Bush Administration's inappropriate attempts to smear him and his movies. The latter seems strangely out of proportionate concern about over Moore's influence.

Holy smokes!  Quick, somebody call in a Marxist to untangle this convoluted discussion about class in America!  All of the contributors have the dominant view that social  classes are a state of aspirational consciousness and identity, and based on this the vast majority of Americans are still "middle-class".  Even the Chief Economist at the Department of Labor, Betsey Stevensen takes this view: 
"So what defines the middle class? Not income. Your current income is a poor predictor of the social class with which you identify." 
Not a single mention of a more objective or scientific perspective on class such as that one's class is defined by an objective relationship to a societies organization of production. 

What is the environmental damage of factory farming in the U.S. Southwest?

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