Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hard Truth? More Like Delusional Fantasy

update: oops, edit, I hate bad grammar!

Tim Pawlenty, who seems to take on the persona of a less crazy wing-nut Republican candidate than say Santorum or Palin, is still not above parroting delusional leftist boogey many myths about the Obama administration:

Pawlenty: Obama's Central Planning Fail - Townhall Finance: "“I’m willing to tell Americans the hard truth,” says Pawlenty. “And I believe Americans are ready to hear it. But the truth about our economy isn’t hard at all. Markets work. Barack Obama’s central planning doesn’t.... It’s not the American way.”"
Central planning? Really?! What central planning? Is it becoming obligatory of  Republicans to cast aspersions that Obama is somehow leading the country towards a Soviet style statist socialist future? Just exactly how is Obama instituting anything to do with "central planning" any more than Bush did. This idea is absurd on the face of it.  

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