Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Ok, Blog Means: Web Log

So I try to keep telling myself, a blog can simply be a web-log, with which I just post links and excerpts of stuff I find interesting on the web.  I don't have to write long original well thought out essays or responses to the world wide web out there if I don't have the time.  Because I don't have the time.  I do admire those who do these types of things on their blog, and attempt to do so myself.  In fact I have 5-6 of these well thought out original essay posts (that are now lost on my old dead hard-drive) that I never feel quite ready to post.   And then there are other bloggers that feel free to just link and excerpt, and not even comment, like I Cite written by a real live published academic, Jodi Dean, who feels free to copy, paste and link often without comment.  So why not me? Aw hell, I can even muster a shoot from the hip sentence or two.  It's OK I tell myself, you don't have to be all that brilliant, because you're not, just don't be too fucking stupid!  So here I go......whoopeee..! 

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