Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't Know Much About Smoky the Bear

More from Judson Phillips and the Tea Party Nation on applauding Rand Paul's proposals and the fantasy to deeply cut government spending, A good start - Tea Party Nation

"Massive cuts in the Department of Agriculture.  Here is a shocking statistic.  There is one Department of Agriculture employee for every nine farmers.   At that rate, every farmer should know half a dozen of those employees on a first name basis."

Phillips doesn't provide us with much of what he thinks is wrong or wasteful with government spending here.  Of course the U.S farm bills and subsidies to farmers for various production and non-production practices is a place we might consider reforming.  But this statistic is pretty much worthless and misleading.  Also within the domain of the USDA is the U.S. Forest Service.  Perhaps Phillips hasn't noticed, but National Forests take up a massive amount of public lands throughout the country that require managing as "lands of many uses" such as recreation (hunting and fishing!, mining, timber sales etc..  Most likely a goodly portion of USDA employees are not likely directly involved in farming related stuff.  Now I am sure he would be more than happy to argue that all these  public lands don't need to be managed and should be sold off to the highest bidder.  But the point is, its easy to say cut this or that without knowing what the hell you are cutting. 

Phillips of course sees all kinds of cuts to domestic care of this country as imperative.  But what needs to be increased predictably is......
"Defense is the one budget that needs to be increased.  For almost ten years our country has had ongoing combat operations.  George Bush increased the defense budget some, but he still tried to do the war on the cheap.  Since the Obama regime took over, defense has been gutted."
One wonders why many of these Tea Party people are so enthusiastic about foreign wars?  More on that another time. 

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