Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some Basic Marxist Education Part 2: David Harvey on The Current Crises of Capitalism Animated!

This is a great and very short YouTube video of a snippet of a lecture by David Harvey presenting a Marxist analysis and explanation of the most recent crisis of capitalism, and it is accompanied by a very cool animation illustrating the analysis.

A word about David Harvey.  At this point in history, he is an amazing resource for understanding Marx's very difficult magnum opus, Capital.  This is because Harvey has been teaching a course on the book for something like 20 years, and now the course is available on the inter-tubes in multiple video and audio formats, and in his very pleasant British accent.  You don't even have to attend Columbia University (Or is it NYU?)!  I will be linking to the course and his web site soon.

Interestingly enough, Harvey's primary academic discipline is geography, not economics.  And now he has a professorship in an anthropology department.  A man after my own heart, Marxist economics, anthropology and geography.  Enjoy.   

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