Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wanna-Be Heroes With Guns

I made the following comment at NYT's Timothy Egan's post Myth of the Hero Gunslinger.
I actually live in Arizona, and on occasion I see people with un-
concealed weapons at their side in public. One wonders what they think they are accomplishing? It simply looks very uncomfortable to me.
If the store that we both happen to be in at that time is the site of an armed robbery, do they think they are going to draw and take a shot at the robber? Seems in that situation it would be best to stand aside and let the cashiers hand over the money and hope for the best. And if they do take a shot at the robber, are they so sure they are going to hit the bad guy instead of an innocent bystander? Perhaps they think that by being visibly armed that they are a deterent. Instead, it just may make them a target. The bad guy sees they are armed and takes a shot at them.

I can't help but think these people have seen too many movie shoot-outs and are just looking for their chance to play the hero. However, things don't always turn out for the best like they do in the movies.

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