Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Title? Who Needs a Title?

As a Federal employee I periodically receive emails at work from the White House soliciting suggestions and ideas, and asking for votes on these ideas, as to how the U.S. Government agencies can save money by cutting this or that practice.  I have responded with both ideas, and votes to choose winning ideas.  I guess this has gotten me on a email list for the White House's propaganda I mean public communications efforts.  (I am in fact not a registered Democrat, nor did I campaign or vote for Barack Obama or the other guy).  Anywhoooo, today's email in anticipation of the State of the Union address said:
"Good morning,
Tonight at 9 p.m. EST, President Obama will deliver the State of the Union Address and outline his vision for putting aside the politics that divide us and moving forward to create jobs, up our game to out-compete in the global economy, and win the future for our children and our country."
Really?  Isn't it high time Obama pull his head out of his ass and stop thinking we should put aside the politics that divides us?  After all, that is what makes politics interesting and exciting.  The fact is, if you make more than 250 grand and don't think you ought to pony-up some more cash to pay for your wars, and your bank bail-outs, and my salary, then fuck you, we are going to be divided.  How's that for the "new civility"?

And what is this about "uping our game and out-competing in the global economy."  Lets not fool our selves fellow workers. When the ruling class talks about competition, they just might be talking about a race to the bottom for you and me, and that's your cue to be prepared to take a pay cut and drop to your knees begging for the better crumbs.  But seriously, Krugman's most recent column does a good civil job of questioning the The Competition Myth, and still manages to maintain civility.   

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