Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Throwing the Birthers a Bone

In my efforts to make a sincere effort to understand where Tea Party people are coming from, I signed up for a log-in to the Tea Party Nation web site. You see, unless you sign up, then they don't want you reading about what they are thinking and saying to themselves. At least that's what I am guessing. So now I receive multiple emails daily with links to the rantings of Tea Party activists. I thought I might do some public service, or just have some grist for my mill, and post and comment on some of this stuff. The most regular author is Judson Phillips who gained recent acclaim as an admirer of the Founding Father's practice of limiting voting rights to property owners. This is what he has to say about the Obama's birth origins (you can try the link for yourself, but it probably won't work):

Obama has been itching for a fight with the conservative Supreme Court members knowing they will not fight back publicly. Perhaps they won’t, but if John Roberts had the backbone, he could make Obama’s life really interesting.
To start with, he could grant cert (permission to appeal to the Supreme Court, for the non-lawyers) on one of the Obama birth certificate cases. Preferably Orly Taitz’s case.
I, for one, believe that the evidence available, such as it is, makes it more likely than not that Obama was in fact born in Hawaii. Whether he lost his citizenship when he was adopted by a foreign national and moved to a foreign country is a different story. Obama has spent millions to keep his birth certificate private. Now, Hawaii’s governor Neil Abercrombie has stepped into it, first vowing to release the birth certificate, then saying it could not be located and finally saying Hawaii law prohibited the release of the document. 
So I guess Phillips wants to throw the Birthers a bone to keep them in the fold, but does not want to personally concede to their total nuttiness. Never mind the fact that if you are born within the United States, nothing like moving to another country or being adopted by a foreign national is going to cause you to lose your citizenship. Now I am so charitable, that I even checked into Snopes.com to look into this claim that Obama has spent millions to keep some version of his birth certificate private. Couldn't find any reference to it. All I know is I have seen a scan of his birth certificate that looks alot like the one I have used to obtain a passport, but it says "Barack Obama" and is from the state of Hawaii.

Obama could of course release the document. He has spent millions of dollars, in true liberal fashion by using other people’s money, to keep that birth certificate out of sight.
I happen to subscribe to the theory that there is something on that birth certificate that destroys the myth of Barack Obama. Myth destroyed, he simply fades away.
Gosh, I wonder what myth he could be destroyed? That he's is a secret Muslim? A Socialist? Of course for the latter, is just plain to see from his pro-corporate kiss ass policies, and these yahoos can't even break out of that delusion.

One more thing, be very careful when watching the State of the Union address. The following link was posted in the comments to the aforementioned article.


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