Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I like Google!

I got to admit it. I like Google products, Gmail is great and their unobtrusive adds versus Yahoo's obtrusive annoying adds lured me away from Yahoo. And here I am using Blogger, which seems to work pretty well for me, although I have heard good things about Wordpress, I am still using Blogger. And then their is Google Earth which is one of my favorite internet toys. So color me a lemming, and I am sure there is a dark underbelly to the beast, but the fact that they are moving to employ more people against the wishes of Wall Street just puts a little bit more icing on the cake.
Searching For Work? Google's Hiring Thousands : NPR: "But Google's push to further expand a work force that grew by 23 percent last year may not be as well received on Wall Street, where the Internet search leader's spending has annoyed some investors who would prefer a more frugal approach in hopes of fatter returns."

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